Will A Car Wash Damage Your Car’s Finish?

Will A Car Wash Damage Your Car’s Finish?

People take great pride in the look of their vehicles. However, if not done correctly, your car’s finish can be damaged. One of the most common ways that people ruin their car’s finish is by taking the vehicle through an automatic car wash. It could be causing more damage to your car than you could ever imagine.

People who carefully wash their cars by hand can also cause problems to the exterior of the vehicle. Without even knowing it, you could be applying harsh chemicals to the paint finish with the risk of scratches always a serious concern. 

But there is good news out there! Companies like Soapy Suds Handwash are here to help! They fully understand how easily a car’s exterior can be damaged by a poor car wash and ensure that your vehicle leaves in better shape than how it arrived.

Rotating Brushes

The old-style car washes feature the rotating bristle brushes, which many people feel are outdated and can cause damage. However, compared to newer technology that prides itself on being gentler to a car’s finish, the old-style rotating brushes will cause less damage to your vehicle. The older brushes do not hold onto the rough abrasives to the extent that soft cloth scrubbers will do.

Soft-Cloth Car Washes

Many of the newer car washers feature the “touchless” flaps of cloth that massage your car in a softer way that appears to be less aggressive. What may come as a surprise is that these flaps of cloth seem to retain abrasives from all the cars that preceded yours. The grinders in the scrubbers appear to be the main offender when it comes to the finish of the vehicle.

Touchless Car Washes

The laser approach is becoming more and more popular these days and seems to be much less abrasive on the paint finish of your vehicle. The problem that people have reported with this type of car wash is that it does not get your car as clean as traditional methods. Some of the toughest grit and grime doesn’t get touched by the laser approach. As compensation for this, touchless car washes use caustic detergents to make up for the lack of direct contact. Regular exposure to these types of chemicals can lead to more damage than good.

Hand Washing

Looking for the ideal way to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of during a car wash? Hand washing is the way to go! Of course, some risks come with this method. The first of which is using the same sponge to clean the painted surfaces, tires, and wheel wells. This is a mistake and an easy way to bring abrasives into the cleaning process. Using different sponges for different parts of the vehicle is essential. The same can be said for the towels that you use to clean off the car.

The Soapy Suds Way

As evidenced from above, hand washing is the most effective way to go when maintaining the look of your vehicle. Soapy Suds hand washes your vehicle to give it the shine and look your car deserves. No punishing mechanical brushes and machines are used to clean your car. They understand that the old fashioned way of getting down and dirty with your vehicle is the most effective type of car wash.

Many car washes will provide disclaimers that they are not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle. This should be the first red flag to choose an alternative car wash. Before taking your vehicle home after a car wash, you will have the chance to thoroughly inspect what Soapy Suds was able to do and ask any questions directly before leaving. Leaving your vehicle in the hands of a trusted professional is the only way to ensure that your car looks the way you expect it to after a thorough clean.


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