Beginners Guide to Auto Detailing

Beginners Guide to Auto Detailing

Car enthusiast or not, we all want our vehicles to be in top shape and performance. To achieve this, all car owners should look into getting their car fully detailed every so often. You might be wondering, “what exactly does auto detailing entail?” In this guide, we’ll be explaining and answering some questions you might have about auto detailing. Trust us when we say you will never go back to normal washing! 

What is Auto Detailing?  

Auto Detailing is more than just a basic car washing and vacuuming. This process involves a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning of your vehicle, using specialized chemicals and equipment. Generally, pro-detailers will also perform some light cosmetic touch-ups. However, this process does not include body repairs or paintwork. 

A simple car wash will only remove dirt and grime on the exterior. Car detailing takes this process to the next level, beyond just meeting the cleanliness requirement. Every car that’s detailed has every last imperfection polished and buffed, leaving your car looking brand new. 

What Are the Steps in Auto Detailing? 

An effective and thorough cleaning involves two phases: exterior and interior detailing.

Exterior detailing involves an exhaustive wash, removing all the built-up dirt and grime on the exterior surface, windows, and rubber parts of your car. Then, pro-detailers will use specialized brushes and chemical products to clean all the parts of the wheel: lug nuts, brake calipers, etc. The wheels tend to be the filthiest part of the car! Finally, the paint is waxed for an additional protective layer. If needed, paint can also be polished to eliminate light scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. 

Interior detailing involves a thorough scrubbing, shampooing, and vacuuming of the upholstery, removing all the grime that was deeply ingrained. Lastly, the interior glass is polished and cleaned. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed? 

Attention to Detail 

Because detailing is such a thorough process, you can expect all parts of your car to be meticulously cleaned. 


When a wax coat is consistently applied, it protects the exterior surface from rust and contamination. 

Car Value 

Another benefit of auto detailing is the maintenance and restoration of your car value. For those who plan on reselling their vehicles, they require the expertise of a pro-detailer for their vehicle cleaning needs. A professional can help give your car the best look before the sale.


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