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Soapy Suds Car Wash has been in the industry for over 15 years, specializing in hand washing and auto detailing. We service all kinds of vehicles including boats, motorhomes, RVs, trailers, and motorcycles. We can wash and detail practically anything in the automotive or marine world.

What separates us from our competitors is the fact that we have remained trusted and reputable throughout the years and aim to always provide excellent customer service along with unmatched quality. Our customers know their vehicle is safe when they come to Soapy Suds. We have no machines and absolutely no brushes in our tunnel. Whether you own a high-end vehicle or an everyday commuter, our staff will provide great service and excellent quality.

When it comes to washing your various vehicles, it can be a real pain to get your vehicle to shine like new. Simply stated, most people don’t know how to get their car to shine like it’s right off the lot. Most people would just be stuck Googling “how to wash a car” or “best cars wash soapy,” and go with whatever popped up first. This can include wandering around the auto section to look for car wash supply that are best for your vehicle before throwing together a makeshift kit car wash and hoping for the best.

You also need to take the time out of your busy day to go out to your driveway or curb, drag the hose out from the basement or backyard, and lug out a massive bucket cleaning products. Then, you’d have to get yourself soaking wet and covered in soap, wax, and cleaning product trying to get the new car shine back to your vehicle’s exterior.

And anyway, you’re not a pro when it comes to detailing work and interior cleaning services, so you’ll need to put in even more time to clean out your interior, scrub at stains, and finally vacuum out your carpets, the back seat and under the passenger seat.

You’ll need to get your own interior cleaning equipment or spend your valuable time shoving quarters into a vacuum machine that gives you only a few minutes of weak suction that won’t clean out your car properly.   

Sounds like too much work, right?

Why even bother with that when you can go to a full-service car wash that’ll do all that hard work for you? Well, thanks to Soapy Suds Car Wash, no matter what you need washed and looking brand spanking new, you’ll get the best full-service car wash around with no need to search the internet for answers.  


What separates Soapy Suds from our competitors is our ability to offer incredible prices meanwhile maintaining our detail-oriented approach. Our team prides themselves on putting that gorgeous showroom shine on your vehicle, making a quick trip to Soapy Suds the best choice if you need your car looking and smelling as good as new.

Keeping your car clean isn’t just for the looks either. By washing your car frequently, you protect the original paint job and preserve the resale value, keeping your car in tip-top shape for as long as you possibly can. Soapy Suds is here to make sure that when you need a wash, interior vacuuming, waxing, tire dressing, clean floor mats or leather conditioner, we have you covered. 

What Can Soapy Suds Do For Me?

When it comes to getting any kind of vehicle cleaned up, whether it’s a car, truck or van, Soapy Suds is the best option out there.  We’ve been the top choice in the car wash game for over 15 years, offering affordable, cut-rate prices for their high-quality services.

Customers know their vehicles are in good hands when it comes to Soapy Suds, never needing to worry about punishing mechanical brushes and machines damaging their car. This is a strictly hand-wash car wash, cleaning your vehicle like only a human can.

We offer a massive variety of services ranging from spray waxing to full paint correction, water spot removal, scratch and oxidation repair—fully equipped to buff, polish or wash exteriors.

The magic Soapy Suds car wash is their passionate and hardworking employees, whose only concern is making sure your vehicle shines like new when they’re done. No matter what make or model you’re driving, whether it’s a top-of-the-line sports car or a minivan to take the kids back and forth from practice, Soapy’s top-notch staff provides the great service and unquestioned quality you need. Soapy Suds is the best there is when it comes to service in Valencia.


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Soapy Suds Car Wash Options and Prices

At Soapy Suds, we take pride in offering our customers the lowest prices in Santa Clarita! We offer exterior car washes for only $5.99 each, a price you can’t compete with anywhere else for a hand-washed shine.

A full buff and wax will cost you only $130, while dual wheel truck cleaning prices start at $35.99. Clay bar and hand wax treatment cost an incredibly low $89.99, and finally, a complete detailing job, including an interior shampooing and engine was will only cost $240. These are prices no other car wash can compete with for the value you’re getting.

An interior carpet shampooing costs a mere $69.99, a great price to get that dirt and clutter up from your floor mats and interior carpets. Those loose crumbs aren’t going to clean themselves up, after all.

If you’re looking strictly for an interior cleaning, a seat, carpet and door panel scrub costs only $120.99. This package will get all stains out of those hard to reach places in any vehicle and is the perfect way to clean that back seat where you kids have spilled food and drinks and wiped their sticky hands on the seats. When you need your car need to get cleaned up and looking like new, Soapy Suds is the best full-service car wash around.

Special Vehicle Options and Pricing

Soapy Suds is ready to wash any type of vehicle you roll onto their lot, not just the typical car. Our experienced staff know the ins-and-outs of cleaning and detailing motorhomes, boats, and motorcycles as well for their customer-friendly low rates.

Motorhomes and boats are rated per foot, offering regular washes for $4 per foot, spray wax for $9 per foot, hand waxing for $10.50 per foot, glaze for $12.50 per foot, and buff and wax jobs for only $14.50 per foot. These are the best prices you’ll find when it comes to motorhome and boat washing/detail work.  

For motorcycles, regular washes cost $25, while spray washes are only $45. A hand wash will cost $70 and a custom polish jobs are offered at $100. When it comes to making sure your bike shines like new, Soapy Suds is your best bet. No matter what type of vehicle you have that needs to be cleaned, Soapy Suds  is the one-stop-shop to get the job done.

Special Pricing

Because Soapy Suds is all about bringing value to their customers, we also have an extensive list of special pricing available for all different types of washes and services.

For example, a hand wash, sealer wax, and tire dressing treatment are available for only $18.99. That’s an amazing value for services that would cost customers so much more at other venues, especially given our hand-washing expertise.

Other special services include a hand wash, rainbow wax, undercarriage, tire dressing, and air freshener for only $21.99, or a hand wash, rainbow wax, wheel cleaning, dressing out, inside wipe, and air freshener for $29.99.

Some of the top-of-the-line specials include the following:

The Exterior Supreme

This special gives you three incredible services in just 30 minutes, giving you a Blue Coral wax, express wash, black magic, and Rain-X treatment for only $54.99.

For those services at this price, this is easily one of the best values available for those who are looking to take extra care of their car’s exterior and ensure it stays in pristine condition.

The Interior Supreme

It can certainly be difficult to keep your car’s interior clean, especially if you have children. From spills to sticky-hands, dust, and debris, the interior can become a big mess very quickly. Fortunately, The Interior Supreme will take care of all of this and have the interior of your car looking clean and sparkly for only $44.99.

The Interior Supreme includes detailed vacuuming, cleaning the floormats thoroughly, and Lexol treatment. Lexol not only helps clean and lift any dirt from the interior, but in addition, helps protect against these elements in the future. The Interior Supreme also includes a hand wash, rainbow wax, and tire dressing to make sure the exterior looks great as well!

Express Detail

If you’re looking to get your vehicle detailed in record time by Soapy Sud’s hand-wash experts for an incredibly reasonable price, the express detail service is right for you.

For only $89.99, you’ll get a hand wash, clay bar treatment, Blue Coral wax, and complete dressing treatment.  The best part? It’ll be done in just 45 minutes, letting you take your gorgeous, newly detailed vehicle out for a spin in no time.

Summer Car Washing. Cleaning Car Using High Pressure Water.

Special Holiday Pricing

On top of those extra special deals, Soapy Suds offers package deals that are perfect for gift giving during the holiday season.

You can pick up the Wash & Wax Combo, giving you ten full-service car washes and two express clay car hand waxes for only $220, saving you $60 off the original pricing.

You can also grab The Works, a package giving you or your loved one ten full service car washes, two express clay car hand waxes, and a complete detail job including a exterior buff and wax, interior shampoo and engine wash for only $375, a full $105 off the retail price of $480.

Other exclusive deals include headlight restoration starting at only $45, windshield repair starting at $40, and interior supreme lexol treatment starting at $45, all of which include a free special full-service car wash.

Joining Their Monthly Membership Program

For those who can’t live without Soapy Suds services and hand-washing expertise, the monthly membership program is a great choice.

Monthly members get crazy benefits like unlimited washes per month, skipping the line at the register, and being able to drop off their vehicle without having to check in with service writers, along with numerous other benefits and service discounts.

For more information, call Soapy Suds at (661) 294-3036.



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